"Alyne has been tremendously helpful in streamlining our supplier due diligence process and managing our risk register in support of our APRA and ISO27001 certification requirements."

Complying with the recently implemented Prudential Standard CPS 234 by APRA requires Australia’s financial institutions such as banks, insurers and superannuation funds to protect themselves against cyber attacks, and to better control the visibility of their information assets. The challenge however, is that regular and extensive analysis of information assets to identify and address the vulnerabilities demands a great amount of time and effort as it goes beyond mere IT compliance but an organisational management. Alyne's solution digitalises these processes. 

APRA roles and responsibilities


Using Alyne to comply with APRA's CPS 234 Prudential Standard provides you with some powerful advantages:

Centralised Platform

With 74 Control Sets and more than 1000 Control Statements in our library, mapping controls relevant to the 36 paragraphs of CPS 234 has been no issue. Alyne’s APRA CPS 234 Template comes fully loaded with 166 controls related to CPS 234 and can be customised to suit your business needs.

Risk Analytics

CPS 234 requires regular and extensive analysis of risks which can be tedious process. With Alyne, Third Party Risks and Vendor Assessments are conducted through Alyne's Funnels and Assessments, which are all conducted and analysed through Alyne's all-in-one platform.

Simplified Reports

In line with increasing complexities in safeguarding your information assets, the Incident Management System in Alyne allows your enterprise to quickly view the frequency, severity and accumulated impact of incidents, and generate detailed reports.

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